Christmas Grief

I read this blog post this morning and it reminded me that it is easy to forget how Christmas can often be a very difficult time for people. The pressure to be festive happy at Christmas time is huge, but if the anniversary of a loved one’s death coincides with this time of year, then it may be difficult for a bereaved person to feel cheerful. Laura Kennedy has reminded me that when we make those throw away comments about spending time with family at Christmas, it would be best to pause and think before we speak. People around you … Continue reading Christmas Grief


Can you keep a secret? Where do you keep them? In a secret place of course! Throughout my research into digital bereavement issues, secrets are becoming a large problem for law companies dealing with estates of people who have died. When opening any online account, a password is required, and you are advised to keep your password safe and secure, especially where your finances are involved.  I am aware that many people are very nervous about sharing their personal information on-line, but quite openly fill out paper forms and share their personal information without a second glance! I have learned … Continue reading Secrets